One of the major stressors moms seems to be facing is money challenges. 

Here are some cost cutting options:

    Read all grocery store ads. Circle things you need that are on sale and keep the ads in your car.
    Carry coupons on you at all times. Youll never know when youll make a quick last minute stop at the store.
    Know your prices so you know what is a deal and what is not. Create a best prices list to help you know your prices.
    When something is on sale, buy lots of it and keep on hand.
    Create a budget and stick to it.
    Buy gifts year round when you see things on sale. Keep a list of who you have bought for so you keep track. Have a gift closet to keep all prebought gifts.
    Get and use frequent buyer cards that are offered by different restaurants.
    Go to restaurants where kids can eat FREE.
    Only have 1 credit card. Period, end of story.
    Consider refinancing your home or your term life insurance.